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“A thoroughly enchanting set of thoughts and feelings with a warm, soothing feel to them. Reading this book is like putting on comfy slippers. Highly recommended!

I love books, all sorts of books, and I’m always on the lookout for a  new and up and coming author to enjoy. Well, I must say, I very  much enjoyed this soothing set of thoughts and feelings by KB  Eliza. This is the sort of book where you can open any page, and  you will find a paragraph or two that is not only insightful but  often thought-provoking. 

Personally, I think a book of this nature would be perfect for  anybody who, after a long day at work, needs to be soothed or  simply be motivated to think beyond the ups and downs of  everyday life. So, who’s this book for? Well, I suspect anybody who enjoys pondering the ups and downs of life will find this of interest. There are a lot of gems in  here and you’ll enjoy the hunt to find them!” 

A ‘Wishing Shelf’ Book Review

I love this book! It gives me a sense of peace and makes me feel ‘held’ every time I open it up.”

 “It’s the type of book to pick up, open a page, and be guaranteed you will read something you need to connect with at that moment. It’s cryptic, which encourages you to ponder over its words.”

LeaAnne – Noosa QLD

Found myself wanting to meditate on these scenarios, could not choose which one to begin with.

“Beautifully written with warmth, passion, insight and thought-provoking scenarios. Difficult to put down, wanting more upon completion. 

Decided to close the book, close my eyes and open the page directed to me. Amazing! The page I opened, was relevant to my current situation. (Food for thought, for readers of this amazing book). Will be choosing a page for daily meditation.”

Des Carter- Kinesiologist and Natural Health Practitioner


“This is the good my soul has been waiting for. It resonated with me on so many levels.”

“Some so deep it was surprising! We all need this book, open a page, any page and you will find what your heart needs to hear. Thank you KB Eliza for bringing me back to the light”

Melissa- Healer Melbourne


This was a stunning book, filled with rhetorical questions, philosophical questions & thoughts and questions about the world and society as we know it. Inspiring and hard-hitting, the words are impactful and focus on the strength you can find in religion, relationships and self-love.”

Georgia- Goodreads Member 

Beautiful and thought provoking are the first things that come to mind with these poems.”

“I found myself taking snippets of them and posting them elsewhere on my social media because they are completely relatable. It’s strange to see your feelings written down by someone other than yourself but it also gives you the sense that you’re not entirely alone. There are definitely parts of this that I will come back to over and over again.” 

Rosie- Netgalley reviewer


"A sweet collection of poems, I can imagine reading one chapter per day and hearing the stories unfold over time."

Liane B- Netgalley reviewer

"This is a thought-provoking and lyrical piece of writing with almost all the vignettes containing something to dwell upon, either for content or the delicate use of figurative language. It is a collection I will read more than once."

LMW- Netgalley Reviewer

"This is a series of very honest and insightful feelings of the author…..her words are at times searing and other times beautifully hopeful. I found myself frequently rereading a passage as it so spoke to me and my feelings. I will be picking this it up to reread many times I am sure. Beautifully done…"

Andrea R- Reader

"Vignettes of the Possibly Dying is a new favourite and like nothing I have ever read before. It brought much comfort, intrigue and at times challenged me. I dare not become part of "the scrum of the filthy normal"! Every time I flip through and read a chapter I glean something new. KB Eliza's writing is alchemy for the soul and I am unashamedly greedy for more."

Katie- Booktopia Review

VIGNETTES OF THE POSSIBLY DYING is a great title, witty and postmodern-sounding, with echoes of Iain Reid (“I’m Thinking of Ending Things”) and David Foster Wallace (“Brief Interviews with Hideous Men”). Maybe the best way to describe this book is a collection of prose poems, filled with imagery (dragons and castles show up often), bitterness, and wonder. The bitterness isn’t overwhelming, and the wonder isn’t aimless. The two combine to deliver a message of determination. Emily Dickinson wrote “Tell all the truth but tell it slant,” and Eliza takes this advice to heart. Her language is often ambiguous but stick with it. Receptive readers will find it a challenging but satisfying read. KB Eliza’s VIGNETTES OF THE POSSIBLY DYING is a hard-to-classify book which couches truth in ambiguous language. Receptive readers will find it a challenging but satisfying read.

Anthony Alcock – Indiereader reviewer

Australian prose, vignettes that had me guessing about life, death and might have tipped me off the agnostic fence post. Hmmm … very timely

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