Little Mouse by KB Eliza

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Little Mouse

This essay was inspired by Plato’s Cave, with a dash of country town childhood and swift growth after severe life changing moments. This has been a favourite for readers and as always, everyone seems to get their own story from it. With love x

There was a little mouse, who was a kind and happy mouse, always looking after the other mice.

One day her leg broke. Then she had three legs instead of four. She was sick for a very long time and lived in a cold little hole in a wall with bugs. The doctor mouse told her she would never recover. Never is a very big word for a small mouse. Many of the other mice were scared to come near her, for they were worried they might get sick too, but most of all they didn’t want to feel her sadness. The little mouse became lonely.

This made her very glum. 

One night the little mouse looked out from her hole and saw hope hanging from the sky like a star. She put her little paws up and held the image of it in her heart and part of her believed she captured some. The next day she woke up and decided not to give up. She believed goodness was coming her way. She had the days when she cried, and felt her feelings. Then the day arrived when her heart filled to the brim with sunshine, like a basket of peaches and fond thoughts of tomorrow. It was like a rainbow. 


Then one day, her miracle arrived. Her sickness faded. Her pale fur became brown again. She felt glorious and so very grateful. For a miracle is scarce and a super special thing indeed. She said her prayers and gave thanks, and the most wonderful things began to happen. She found a new hole to live in with no bugs, it was cosy and warm. 


She was faster than ever on her three legs and with good use of her tail, she was quicker than the other mice. Watch her go! The other mice would exclaim as she flew by like lightning. This prosperity was a welcome gift. 


Then the strangest thing happened. One day those she held dear no longer came out of their holes. A great hunger overcame them. Hiding away they ate and ate, they ate their feet, their little mouse tails and their memories until they all became too big and got stuck. 


Aghast the little mouse missed them, and she begged them to come outside. She tried to sing to them, she left food outside for them to nibble on, but the only thing they would cry out was –Where’s Mine? 

They were happy for the little mouse, but they were hungry too, miracles are the very best of feasts and how their tummies rumbled. For no one resents a miracle, but everyone starves for one also. 


The little mouse became lonely again, and no longer wanted to be separate. So she tucked herself into her petite mouse house, and scratched and nibbled away at the miracle until it was all worn and nobody noticed it anymore. In between bites, she whispered to the other mice between the walls. They talked about mouse things, nothing at all special. She was so busy doing this, bugs snuck into her house and started making a mess. 

She forgot about her gift.

She no longer had a calamity.

She no longer had prosperity.

She wanted to feel safe.



She might have stayed there forever. But something niggled at her little mouse heart. It wasn’t a shout, because the best niggles always start out quiet. The niggle told her that staying there and forgetting her miracle was very wrong. 

SO SHE DID WHAT ALL BRAVE LITTLE MICE DO, SHE PACKED UP, PUT SOME hope in her pocket and set out for an adventure.

Because adventures aren’t always easy, but they always show their worth it in the end.

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