Hello, Thanks For Dropping By

Hello, Thanks For Dropping By

Hello, Thanks For Dropping By

Welcome to my first blog entry for the website. Daunting much? You could say the last few months have been exciting and taxing on so many levels! The paradox has not been lost on me.

So what to write? I thought I would start with the questions hitting my desk, and these seem to be the standouts. Thank you so much to those who have taken the time to get in touch. Your photos, feedback and support, have been a blessing.


Why the mystery about who you are?

 So why the mystery about me? My intention was for the words to resonate with each reader, without bringing the author’s life story into the equation. Much of the book felt like it dropped in through the state of flow, and to honour this, and a promise I once made- I use the beloved name (with a lot of meaning) KB Eliza.  

The pages of Vignettes of the Possibly Dying are for the absorber’s interpretation. I did not want credit nor recognition but rather for readers to look for themselves in the pages. The companion journal was designed as a bit of fun to help the reader pause for reflection. Write your own if you like! 



Do you read your reviews?


 I guess you could say reviews for Vignettes are the peripheral edge of happiness to the writing experience this time around. 

YES! A dear friend, another best selling author, asked me- “Why are you reading the reviews? You know the drill!” Here’s the thing, it was too much fun not to! I wanted to get a sense of where the pages were landing with people and the different interpretations they might have. 


Why do you love independent book stores so much?


I love the commercial space because, without it, I would not be writing these words right now! Big online spaces make it possible for authors under contract along with independent authors to reach people all around the world. The competition has opened up, and it’s exciting! However, my passion for bookshops, the scent, the paper, the walking, perusing, selecting and touching- Sigh. The person running a bookshop who more than likely LOVES BOOKS and has dedicated their business to the mystical marvels of the written word are wonders in my mind. I have met so many over the years, and they are the gatekeepers of stories. So yes, I love independent book stores that much. Especially those brave enough to take a risk on an independent or an Australian made book and make it available to readers. 


Have you experienced heaven? 


What do you think? (smiling)


What are your favourite words reviewers have used?


That’s easy; lyrical, enlightening and ambiguous, hope inducing. Some of the Vignettes are likened to a Rubik’s cube for a few readers, yet for others, they tell me it is as though the words absorb into their hearts, and they experience feelings about the verse at the perfect time. When I get messages like this, it is wonderful and humbling. 


Are you a Christian? 

Yes, my faith is Christian. I am getting asked this a lot.  I believe God is an incredible, mind-blowing creator that loves us very much and holds the grand design of the universe, including free will and the ability to transform through faith, hope, and surrender. I do not believe God is a firey annoyed Gandalf in the sky puppeteering the world. God in action along with the intrigue of the trinity is beyond comprehension, even though I love trying! I also love hanging out and having awesome conversations with all God’s children, including those who are Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Jewish, and so many more. I am an inclusive open hearted and optimistic Christian and everyone is on their journey, as I am on mine. 


What other things are you interested in? 


Trees, lions, family, friends, including the fur kind. Quantum physics, multiverse theory, laughing, reading the Bible, the life and times of Jesus, ancient cultures, studying new things, meditation, yoga, neuroplacticity,  hiking, anthropology, . I also love Stranger Things, Marvel, Star Wars, Mr Hemingway and Ms Dickinson. None are in the correct order. It depends on which day it is. 


What is Quest of the Possibly Dying About?


Fingers crossed, this will arrive in time for Christmas. I am very excited about Quest. It is a collection of short stories; they are all threads in a larger tapestry. There are easter eggs and more than a few clues leading to Vignettes. The very interesting and talented Quentin Tarantino once said, “Write the book you want to read that no one has written, make the movie no has made you want to watch.” This changed my life. My mind expanded outside the first rule of writing – Who is your audience? 

Quest of the Possibly Dying is the book I wrote for me that no one has written. It has been a joy-filled and maddening process of love. I hope that it finds its way to those who may love it as much as I do. This isn’t a humble thing to say. Well, it is the truth. There is no sweeter elixir than honesty poured with the heart of good intentions. 


Who helped you publish the book? 


A big thanks to Ponderings Publishing in Australia. So much has happened thanks to their help. 


What would your advice be to people thinking about writing a book?


No one owns stories, we all have them, and we were born to tell them. But, unfortunately, a platform of academia in the literary world has held people back and paved the way for self-doubt for too long. So many people believe that only really smart people write books. Not true. If you have a story to tell, find the words, edit, edit, and edit again; polish your work with as many tools and as much energy as you have. Make sure you honour your story, be professional and back yourself. Don’t die with regrets. Turn the story from ‘possibly’ into ‘happening.’  xx KB 

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